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Artwork design specifications

Graphic design information

1. File types. We accept files as Freehand (7.0, 8.0, 9.0, 10.0 and 11/MX) or Illustrator (5.0,6.0,7.0,8.0,10 and 11/CS2)

By saving files in Freehand and Illustrator all text can be converted to outlines or curves and as such removes any potential font problems that could occur especially with PC fonts used in files.

We accept files created in Quark Xpress (3,4,5 and 6) but you will also need to supply all fonts (Screen and Printer) and files used within the document. It is usual practice to supply artwork in Quark Xpress at reduced sizes 10%, 25% and 50% because of the maximum size limitations within Quark Xpress.

We accept files created in Adobe InDesign CS2. If possible create layered files in Photoshop and flatten them before placing them into InDesign. Always supply all elements including layered Photoshop files used in the file.

2. Fonts. Please supply all fonts used if setting up artwork in Quark Xpress. If using Freehand and Illustrator please convert all text to paths / Curves. Please do not supply fonts on FTP as they become corrupt, instead, email and compress (stuffit) them.

3. Scale. Please supply all files to scale at the largest size available to full size of the finished output. Freehand and Illustrator allow you to work at 100% for most requirements, but in Quark Xpress we prefer either 10%, 25% or 50%.

4. Bleed. All printing processes require bleed and digital print is no exception. The amount does depend on the output size, but a good average is 5mm at full size on each edge and usual extra bleed at the base into the system for Rollups.

5. Adjoining Panels. On systems that have multiple panels fitting together either horizontally or vertically please be careful and try to design text breaks over the panel joints.

6. Photoshop Images.

a) Please supply CMYK files where possible. We can use RGB pictures but printed output will never exactly match a screen image. We can produce visuals (at a cost dependent on size).

b) Resolution. A scanned image resolution should be 100dpi at full size. We can print from lower resolution if no higher resolution image is available, but the 100dpi is a setting that will provide good quality output. Please remember that any printed output from scanned artwork is only as good as the scan provided. Flat bed scanners are becoming much better at providing high quality images, but it is your responsibility to ensure that the scan supplied is of a sufficient quality. Where possible a drum scan by a specialist operator is always preferable. You can always gauge an approximation of what the final printed output will look like by setting up the Photoshop document at full size of the final output and looking at the file actual size on screen.

c) Saving Images. Please save all files where possible as Photoshop eps files with JPEG maximum quality encoding and 8bit Macintosh preview. This does not affect the quality of output if the scan meets the requirements set out above, but does help with file sizes for transmission and saving of data. where TIFF files are used please save as an LZW compressed file.

7. Logos. Where possible, please supply logos in vector format with all text converted to outlines and the colours marked as Pantone, if a specific Pantone colour is required.

8. Colour Matching. Please always supply a previously printed brochure / sample so we can try to match Pantone colours where they exist. Otherwise please supply a swatch of the colour required so that we can endeavour to match it. We will only match colour as far as time allows and will try within the constraints of CMYK digital machinery to get as close as possible. There is no absolute alternative to a Pantone colour to perfectly match than to actually print the colour as a spot special which is NOT possible with digital output. Our colour matching is excellent but it will never be an exact match. Please also be aware that fluorescent and metallic colours can not be replicated.

9. Illustrator Resolution. If working in Illustrator with newly composed files please go into document setup and enter 9600 in output resolution. In files that already exist, select all, go to attributes, and enter output at 9600 before re-saving.

10. Embedded Images. Please do not embed images into Freehand and Illustrator documents but rather link the files to the main document and supply them separately.

We also require either a pdf or visual (layout purposes only) of the final files supplied for output. If neither are supplied we will not even look at the supplied files until we have received either of the above. Please also advise all designers and artworkers to use the spell checkers available with most software packages as mistakes that are printed are chargeable.

We can receive artwork in the following options ;

CD and / or DVD disc.

FTP (File Transfer Protocol). FTP allows you to upload files directly to our server (hard disc space inhouse) . On a PC you can use your web browser to upload, on a Macintosh you need software called Fetch, or similar to upload files to us. Please contact us for your personal disc space user name and password. The folder created is your personal space and will not be accessible to any other user. Broadband is best for upload speeds.

When sending / uploading files please always label the files supplied with the correct suffix, ie .qxd for Quark Illustrator, Freehand and Photoshop are all .eps suffixes. Please include a read me file to explain what is being supplied.

Send to - (20mb max file size).

Finally we would like to stress that we must assume a competent level of knoweledge with regard to printing processes and setting up artwork is understood by those persons / organisations who are supplying output ready artwork.

We are available to answer questions and offer advice on most software used in design and indeed the various printing processes, but our ability to understand what you want as a final job is only as good as the artwork / information supplied.

Thank you.